Olivier “Oli” De Kegel:
Lighting Designer

Olivier has designed Lights for Corporate Events, Small Theatre Production and Night Clubs, but his favorite corner is definitely Touring Productions.

Lighting up the stage, inspired by the music that’s performed, that is where the passion lies.

Touring alongside some of the greatest lighting designers out there has given him the opportunity to learn from the best. This, mixed up with a good portion of unconventional inspiration gives him the opportunity to come up with lighting looks that amaze himself.

He has had the opportunity to design and program the lighting for bands like The Fray, Nick Carter, La India, Blues Brothers, The Virgins, Gaslight Anthem,...

On this page you can view some pictures of various Lighting Design he has done. Click on “More Photos” to see other examples.

Click on the links to see examples of the Show Production Lighting Systems, Corporate Event Systems or System Integration.

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