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Olivier De Kegel

Since 2006 Axxentos has been active in the Event industry as a Lighting designer,  Lighting System Design and Install Company. But this is not the beginning of the story...

It all started somewhere in middle of Flanders, Belgium:

Olivier was born and raised in Belgium, founding grounds of new-beat and techno music, large festivals and liters of famous beer. (Almost forgot to mention Chocolate and Frites or Fries; Yes they are Belgian and not French [long story])

He has been involved in entertainment since he was a teenager, at first as a DJ.  It is here, in the night clubs, he discovered his interest for the art of audio and lighting.

In the nineties he worked as a audio and lighting technician for a International resort company. This job allowed him to travel around the world and experiment with lots of different equipment. He was kind of told: “Here is a pile of equipment, figure it out and make it work!” This is where he assembled his first lighting and audio systems.

Through his world traveling he ended up in the USA, where he studied Audio and Lighting Engineering in Los Angeles,CA. Olivier De Kegel got his first job as a monitor Technician at The Palace on Vine. Afterwards he toured as a system technician with various Mexican Artists.

During a system integration job in Aruba he got the opportunity to experiment and program the first large lighting system. It was a “learn as you go” adventure, a new love was born :) Upon his return he decided to take a few classes to update his skills in entertainment lighting and continue as a free-lance Lighting Designer for Christie Lites. His client list expanded rapidly with LMG, VER, MIG, Paradigm to name a few. But his everlasting dream was to design lights for Rock bands and EDM acts.

“Never stop dreaming and hard work gets you where you want to be. So it began; the venture at the Grand MA console, little did I know I was going to be the LD for The Fray and other bands, a few years down the road”...

During the past few years Olivier has been involved with various tours as a Lighting system designer, Lighting Designer and FOH / Media server Guru.

In 2006 he started his own company Axxentos-LLC, a design desk for Entertainment Lighting/Audio/Video Systems, with clients in the All-Inclusive Resort industry, Night Clubs, Churches...

Olivier noticed his clients liked the all-systems-in-one company approach. Turn-key entertainment if you wish, without all the hassle and headaches, a money saver at the end, a complete show “prét-a-porter”

... that’s how it all started, ... turning a passion into a profession. What a trip!

It only gets better, one show at a time...